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Topic 2 – The nitty gritty of “MicroManaging”!!!!

March 18, 2013

This volume is all about the nitty gritty micro-managing that takes place with a lot of new management.

If you have ever had a manager that looks over your shoulder whenever you have had a project you understand the frustration that it brings. The feeling of mistrust can drive an employee nuts! Not only do they feel inadequate, they will never be able to move up the latter to a more successful position. The best kind of manager is a training manager. Someone who creates a staff that can complete projects to the best of their ability, on time, and set the example for other teams.

Every manager wants this. Their approach to training their employees determines how they get there.


There are several reasons why people micro-manage others. The first reason is they believe in the “I” factor. “I have what it takes to make this team successful” “I am the man” “I am the boss” “I oversee everything”. This sort of mentality can be good, but can also be very dangerous. A micromanager feels that they are the only person that can do the job right. They feel they have the best ideas and creativity in their group. When you become a manager you become a team. Think of it as the army. Can the Sergeant fight the battle alone? Does he oversee every person that gets shot? No. He believes his team is strong and smart enough to handle the difficulties. You should have similarities. (aside from the getting shot..)

Let your team shine. Some times when I am faced with something difficult I ask my team what we should do. How they would handle it. They love the feeling of being apart of an important decision. I show my talents and my abilities to my superiors by proving my smart decisions within my hiring and training. If you hire a strong team that can be coached into being successful then it reflects greatly on you as their training manager.

Some managers believe that when they “double check” someone’s work then each project ends up being perfect. This may be true, but what if your employee has an amazing idea that is different, but much more effective? You will never know how to build your skills and your teams if you are always hovering over and changing the things to the way you would do something. You end with a predictable team. Predictable is boring to any company. You want things to be innovative and exciting. Your not looking for predictability, you are looking for consistency. Be consistent and innovative.

Control. This is the major reason why people over analyze and micromanager others. The feeling of control to any human is exhilarating. We love the feeling of having the power and control to decide the outcome. Sometimes it feels so good that we don’t understand the appropriate times to let go of control. This is where the “I can do it all” mind set comes into play. I use to have this mind set. I use to have a hard time letting my team show me what they could do. I missed out BIG TIME! I didn’t get the chance for my team to teach me new things. I realized this was the wrong way to manage my girls about a month into accepting my new position. This is when I decided to delegate responsibility. I was completely shocked! My girls showed me how great their skill sets were. We become the number one store in my district. Our numbers turned around and I no longer carried the weight of the store.

When people get responsibility they feel that same adrenaline that you felt when you received all this control! Therefore you get impressive work performance and a more motivated group on your team. Taadaa! You’ve begun the path to a successful team.

Bottom line; Give control to your team. Let them feel like the boss too. Its better to have a team of bosses, than a team of a boss and 15 employees.

How to stop micro-managing

Surprise your team! Spend the entire day with each member on your team. Train and coach them on the correct procedures and then sit back and watch their performance that day. This will give you a good idea on the good and bad things they do. You can now see where your opportunity is to make their performance better. Note: If you are spending the time to train your team correctly and answering questions they have on site, there will be no reason to micro-manage people. Lack of training leads to a lot of micromanaging. Train your team. It will pay off to take the time to train up front then to keep re checking their work.

When reviewing their work, review random parts. If those parts of the project are flawless, you have a good idea what the rest of the project will look like. If an employee knows that everything will be double checked, they half ass things. Why you may ask? Because they know the boss is gonna fix everything. Imagine if you said to your employee, “Are you confident enough in this, that if I don’t overlook it corporate will be happy with it?” Guarantee they will revise their own work and turn it in once more even more flawless. This is another way to surprise your staff. Tell them their projects need to be perfect because you trust them to create perfect work. You will be impressed! Your team will respect and look up to you.

Delegation. Everyone has an employee that is ready to move up. Give that employee the job to oversee projects. This will cut your time in half. Have them go over one another’s work. This is the best way to prepare your team to have a staff of their own someday. Just a month ago you were asking your boss to let you start overseeing people right? Now do it to your staff. Give someone that same opportunity.

Have a good system in place. You can’t just step back without having a good structure set. Organization is key in being a manager. If you are not organized when you step back from micromanaging you will feel anxious and go back to the old ways.

Helpful tip: Ask your staff to write down pros and cons to your management style. Do this anonymously. This was the most insightful project I have had them do. It helped a lot!

Until next time! Ciao.


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